Exolounge concept

The design inspiration for Exolounge derived from my holiday to Bali, where I took a siesta in a hammock. It is always relaxing to sleep in them, and I wanted to bring the idea of comfort and relaxation into an urban home. There hasn’t  been any new proposal of a lazy boy chair since its invention. But the bulkiness of it turns the urban apartment owners away. Even with the most updated design, it will always be a structure padded with foam and upholstery hiding the mechanism: hence making them look bulky.

My design is a simple look at how to manipulate a flexible surface through an automated exoskeleton framework.

The innovation lies in the design of the framework. A motor controls the angle of the foot- and backrest through a simple exoskeleton structure. The maintains comfort for a sitting and a resting position. Its dual function of a chair and a bed allows one to read the papers and take a slight snooze. It is rotatable, which allows one to get on or off easily which the oldest models don’t. The design uses high-grade 6mm thick steel as the skeleton frame, laser cut and then stamped into shape. Calf leather is mapped out digitally to get the most yield and then CNC cut and perforated. The holes follow different compactness for weight support following the human body. This allows the leather to shape to the form of the body in the long run. With a minimum of materials, there is no compromise to comfort. Like a hammock, without heavy padding, the fabric stretches to comfortably hold the body, and the leather will improve as it ages.