F/P Collection

Frame & Panel Collection by Nathan Yong Design

Inspired by the construction of traditional classical Chinese furniture that are based on the distinct lineages of frame and panel, yoke and rack – a translation from the structural logic of the post and rail (dougong) system in classical Chinese architecture. Chinese architecture and furniture alike are typically made of hardwoods using joinery and dowels, as the density and toughness of the wood provides a solid foundation for these structures to be built without the need for glue and nail. An added advantage of such construction ensures durability as using joinery and dowel allows the furniture to withstand fluctuating temperatures and humid weather conditions.

The Frame & Panel Collection is a contemporary interpretation of this pragmatic and unique approach in Chinese traditional furniture making. With every piece carefully handcrafted, this collection is an embodiment of East meets West, Old meets New; and not only does it pay homage to the zeitgeist of a flourishing time in Chinese history, it is the poetic embodiment of a renaissance in Chinese culture and its crafts amidst our digital age today, where history is often forgotten and abandoned in exchange for an efficient world which favours machines and technology.

Client: Elmood