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Invited to design a small object to fit inside the Designerbox, Nathan Yongchose a heavy material to weigh down the box. In solid marble, designed to brighten up as time passes, Sputnik is a wink to the famous Russian satellite that marked the beginning of space exploration. Bringing together the laws of attraction and gravity, Nathan Yong has designed this rotating pen-holder whose balance comes from the it's weight of the marble.

In partnership with designerbox, M.P.A. (Merci pour l'Adresse), the first 100% Instagram Lifestyle and Citybreak magazine, has selected the most inspiringdesk designs from their favourite Instagrammers. Get inspired by these creatives to imagine a cosmic study space for Sputnik!


"Sputnik", a spinning, marble pen holder, created by the designer Nathan Yong, transforms studious work spaces into bright playing fields.


Dimensions : H 9,6cm, L 6,1cm, depth 7cm

Marble Material

Made in Europe

WEIGHT (KG) - 0,8

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